I struggled BIG time in lockdown. My physical health and mental suffered a lot.

So in 2022, I had to make some changes

I wanted to share the valuable insights I’ve gained during my year-longish quest to enhance my health and wellbeing after the lockdown.

As a mental health professional, I often felt the pressure to have all-encompassing knowledge on the subject, believing that if I wasn’t in “perfect shape”, I wasn’t doing my job well. If I just did more yoga or more ‘self care’ it would all be better.  I initially felt the pressure to have all the answers, but the truth is I’m still in the process of figuring it all out. So I wanted to share what I’ve learned along the way.

  1. The Myth of Balance: In my quest for a balanced lifestyle, I’ve come to question the notion of perfect balance. It’s a constant juggling act, and there are times when I feel overwhelmed by the number of tasks and responsibilities on my plate. My thirst for knowledge was beneficial, it also became a source of stress. I realised the importance of finding balance by incorporating quiet moments and personal time alongside my continuous learning. Including non-fiction not just reading fiction. Listening to music not just podcasts.
  2. The Value of Connection: Throughout this journey, I’ve discovered that being around people, even if I’m not directly interacting with them, brings me a sense of joy and fulfilment. Regular exercise at the gym and attending yoga classes have provided a sense of accountability and a chance to connect with others. I even joined a Standup Paddle Board Group!
  3. Experimenting with New Ventures: I’ve also realised my love for trying new things in the company of others. Joining a stand-up paddleboard group as a beginner was nerve-wracking, but it allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and experience the novelty of new activities.
  4. Commitment and Consistency: I learned that positive changes require dedication and consistency. By committing to a regular exercise routine, attending yoga classes, and making mindful choices about my diet, I was able to establish healthy habits and manage my energy levels effectively.
  5. Prioritising Sleep: Despite the allure of late-night learning or work, I recognised the significance of prioritising adequate sleep. Overstimulation can disrupt sleep patterns and impact overall wellbeing. Thus, ensuring a good night’s sleep became an essential aspect of maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Its a work in progress and I need to make some new tweaks as I feel it slowly getting worse again.
  6. Seeking Help and Collaboration: Despite my inclination to figure things out on my own, I’ve acknowledged the need for support and collaboration. As my responsibilities grew, I discovered the importance of reaching out for help and collaborating with trusted individuals. Building a network of professionals and peers who bring humour, positivity, and support to our interactions became vital. Collaborating with various services, such as bookkeepers, coaches, mentors, and supervisors, also fostered creativity and inspiration.
  7. Avoiding Overcommitment: Despite my passion for work, I’m learning the value of not overloading myself with too many projects simultaneously. I still have a long way to go with this. Balancing work with personal activities, such as exercise, spending time with loved ones, and self-care, is essential and I’m still working on it. Recognising the limitations of a day’s 24 hours has been a recent reminder for me.
  8. Taking Action on Knowledge: While acquiring information is valuable, it is equally important to put that knowledge into action. Implementing strategies and making necessary changes based on the insights I gained led to tangible improvements in my health and wellbeing. Today to this well, I need to do less.

As I look back on the past year, I realise that I haven’t yet figured it all out. This journey towards health and wellbeing is ongoing, and there’s still much to explore, experiment with, and learn. It’s a process of trial and error, self-reflection, and embracing the unknown. Through openness and perseverance, I hope to continue growing and evolving on this path towards a healthier and more fulfilling life.


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