In this episode, Kate Campbell talks to Marie Vakakis, who is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker and a  Couples and Family Therapist. Kate and Marie talk about how to have money conversations with your partner, the importance of understanding each other’s money stories, communicating your values around spending, saving and investing, managing conflicting money goals and some activities to try with your partner.

Here are some of the topics covered in this conversation:

  • As a family therapist, how often are the issues you’re addressing money-related?
  • When in a relationship, should you start exploring money topics?
  • Unpacking your individual money story & sharing it with your partner
  • Normalising awkward conversations – how do we kickstart money conversations where there’s been silence or conflict in the past?
  • Helpful skills to develop and use for these conversations
  • Share some green and red flags of money and relationships
  • Splitting bills —> different methods ranging from completely separate to fully shared
  • Managing conflicting money goals: What’s the dream within the conflict?
  • Exploring compromise vs non-negotiables
  • Activities and prompts to explore the topic of money in your relationship & create a shared vision for the future.

Listen here 


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