Supporting Social Workers with their accreditation pathway with Ashton Hayes

Ashton talks us through some steps you can take to work towards your accreditation.

She shares some of the resources that she’s developed, including her accredited Mental Health Social Worker roadmap, which is part of an ebook series, private Facebook group that she has, as well as her consultation and training

We talk about supervision and what we wish we knew when we were first starting out and the importance of that.


Guest bio

Ashton is a an accredited mental health social worker with a background of working in human services and mental health settings.

She has over a decade of experience in child protection, housing, forensic and mental health settings.  She currently provides supervision to human services and mental health professionals across Australia.  She is also the owner and director of Willowtree Wellbeing, a counselling clinic in Western Sydney, NSW.

Ashton is passionate about providing a safe and collaborative environment for supervision for social workers, caseworkers, team leaders and anyone who works in human services.


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