Connected Teens™

Empowering parents to connect with their teens and build lasting relationships.



Connected Teens™ is a parenting course that supports parents to connect with their teens. Many parents feel disconnected, excluded or rejected by their teens. This can withdrawal or in some cases conflict between parents and teens.

The Connected Teens Program emphasises the importance of accepting emotions, both in oneself and your their teenage children, as a crucial aspect of healthy and positive relationships.

Through self-reflection and expert guidance, parents will learn about their own parenting style and how to create an emotionally safe environment for their teens, fostering mutual trust and understanding.

This course highlights the valuable and critical role parents play in teaching their teens about developing healthy relationships and providing them with the foundation they need to become confident, resilient adults.

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Are you overwhelmed or unsure of how to navigate the challenges that come with parenting a teenager?

Connected Teens™ shows you how to understand your own parenting style, accept emotions, and effectively communicate with your teenage child to build a strong, positive, and mutually respectful relationship

Would you like to learn how to:

  • Make the transition from parenting a child to parenting a teenager easier for both of you
  • Reduce conflict and fighting by learning to stand beside your teen as your relationship changes
  • Have a more connected relationship with your teen
  • Raise a happy, confident and resilient teen
  • Be the parent you want to be

The Connected Teens™ course will equip parents with practical tools and guidance to foster positive relationships with their teenage children, improve communication, and navigate the unique challenges of parenting adolescents.

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‘’I wanted help with connecting with my son and his inability to express his emotions. As a result of participating in this program I listen more, I don’t react as quickly or judge. I seem to be able to calm the situation. I have learnt some interesting triggers I was not aware of. It’s very liberating!’’


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”I did Marie’s Connected Teens course in preparation for the teenage years. I found the course really helpful – we went through how we were parented, our own values, adolescent development, emotional coaching, and much more. Everyone knows the teenage years are tough and I really like the idea of learning more about it beforehand, so I can respond in the best way I can. The course is great and getting time with Marie to ask specific questions is fantastic. I highly recommend it!”


The Connected Teens™ Parenting Course helps parents cultivate a deeper understanding of their own parenting style and values, and provides tools to strengthen their connection with their teenagers.

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Learn to build and maintain a connected relationship with your teen

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Learn to understand your teen better

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Increase your confidence parenting a teen

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Learn strategies for setting boundaries

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Understand the impact healthy, connected relationships have on good mental health

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Learn ways to manage emotions like sadness, anger and anxiety 

Between busy schedules, work commitments, and extracurricular activities, parenting is full of demands. If you’re anything like most parents, you’re probably feeling stretched.

It can be hard to take time out to invest in your relationship with your kids.

You’ve been told what’s important and why it’s important but not HOW to actually do it.

Here is where I can help.

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Hi I’m Marie

As an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker and Family Therapist, my focus is on helping teenagers and young adults lead happy, confident, and meaningful lives. Our relationships have a direct impact on our mental health, affecting our behaviour, mood, self-esteem, and more. Positive and healthy relationships can improve mental health and well-being.

While I don’t have kids of my own, I have years of experience working with hundreds of teens and their families. As a huge advocate for teens, I want to empower families to build strong relationships with the teens in their lives. 

I provide tools and resources that can support families to navigate adolescence with their kids, improving communication and relationships. My passion is the intersection between relationships and mental health, and in this program, I bring together over a decade of studies and experience, along with evidence-based tools and strategies to support parents to learn about their teens, themselves, and how they parent.

The Connected Teens ™ course highlights the critical role parents play in developing healthy relationships with their teens, helping you navigate the challenges of adolescence with empathy and support.

I’m not telling you how to raise your teens. This is a chance for a reset. To get some clarity on your values and what kind of relationship you want with your teen and tools to help get you there.

I’ll be giving you the confidence and skills to build good relationships, set clear boundaries and expectations while maintaining a good respectful relationship.


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You’re a parent or caregiver looking to improve your relationship with your teenager.

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You want to understand your own parenting style and values and how they impacts your teen.

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You wish to create a more emotionally safe and supportive environment for your teen.

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You want to foster mutual trust, understanding, and open communication with your teenager.

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You’re committed to raising a happy, confident, and resilient teenager.

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How much time do I need to dedicate to the course each week?

We understand that parents have busy lives. The course is designed to be flexible and convenient. You can expect to dedicate a less than an hours per week to complete the modules and another hour to attend live Q&A sessions. We release one module every week and you have a week to watch it or listen to it prior to the live Q&A. 

Is this course suitable for parents of teenagers with specific challenges, like behavioural issues or mental health concerns?

Connected Teens™ is designed to address a wide range of challenges parents may encounter while raising teenagers. While it doesn’t cover specific mental health challenges, it is always helpful to work on the quality of your relationship with your teen and the dynamic between you. Our course provides valuable insights and strategies to help parents navigate conflict, improve communication, and create a supportive environment. Connected Teens™ can provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to make a positive impact on your parenting journey.


What makes Connected Teens™ different from other parenting courses?

Connected Teens™ goes beyond conventional parenting courses by offering a unique approach that empowers you to understand the emotional dynamics between yourself and your teenager. The course combines expert guidance with practical tools to help you navigate the challenges of parenting adolescents. We specifically address the unique needs and dynamics of teenage relationships, fostering mutual trust and understanding. This distinctive approach equips you with a toolkit to create a close and connected relationship with your teenager.


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