Why do some people avoid couples therapy?

In this episode, return guest, psychologist Belinda Gibson, joins me as we discuss fears and hesitation surrounding couples therapy. We discuss stigmas and misconceptions that prevent people from seeking the help they need to nurture and grow their relationships.

In this episode 

  • Belinda and I discuss the value of couples therapy 
  • We talk about how to find the right therapist who can work with the specific challenges faced within your relationship.
  • We discussed ways of navigating challenging conversations. 
  • We talk about the importance of being curious rather than critical during difficult discussions.
  • The role of individual therapy and how it can complement couples therapy 

Couples therapy can be a transformative experience for relationships, providing tools and insights to improve communication, connection, and conflict resolution. By being curious and seeking the right therapist, individuals can foster a deeper understanding of their relationship dynamics.

Maybe there’s fear about hurting the partner, fear of about how I’ll be hurt in that, fear of what will be revealed? Maybe fear of what if, actually we find out that this relationship isn’t good for us? 

Belinda Gibson



About your guest Belinda Gibson

Belinda is a registered Psychologist and Gestalt Psychotherapist, and is the founder and director of Footscray Counselling Centre, where she provides individual, couples and groups with relationally orientated psychotherapy supervision and therapy.

Belinda also works as a consultant to various academic and medical organisations, facilitating reflective group practice, training workshops and supervision.


Connect with Belinda

For more details, visit https://footscraycounsellingcentre.com.au/


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