Navigating ADHD Coaching vs Therapy.


In this episode, the tables have turned as Jodi Green interviews me, discussing some of the differences between coaching and therapy.


Key Insights:

  • Coaching vs. Therapy: We discuss the distinctions between coaching and therapy in supporting folk with ADHD. We explore the differences and similarities
  • Impact on Relationships: Addressing the ripple effects of ADHD on personal connections. From executive functioning challenges to time blindness and rejection sensitivity, we explore how these factors can influence the dynamics of relationships.

Trial and Error in Therapy: Embracing the journey of self-discovery and experimentation. Highlighting the importance of building trust, recognising individual needs, and fostering a supportive environment for clients to voice their preferences.

    So sometimes it is trial and error, and part of that is actually building a good working relationship where we can say, let’s try this and it’s okay for you to tell me if it’s not working and that’s where I think the therapy bit is different to maybe coaching, because I can see that for some people, they’ve had hundreds of these moments throughout their childhood, throughout their adult years of being told off or they’re too much or they can’t sit still so they’re very. Maybe not even aware that they’ve suppressed that they’ve suppressed those needs.

    Marie Vakakis

    About your guest Jodi Green

    Jodi is a certified coach with the USA-based IACT Center, recognised as one of the world’s leading trainers of ADHD coaches. After completing her training in 2017, Jodi established ADHD iD to provide assistance to Melbourne families living with ADHD. Since then, she has offered support and guidance to hundreds of individuals dealing with ADHD, both personally and within their families.

    Jodi specialises in transforming mindsets, guiding individuals from a state of confusion and worry to one of confidence and capability.

    Prior to her career change, Jodi worked as an engineer, providing her with valuable strategic, problem-solving, and project management experience. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce and Engineering from Monash University, along with a Graduate Diploma in Spiritual Direction from the University of Melbourne. In summary, Jodi is uniquely qualified in both logic and attentive listening.


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