Why won’t my teen listen to me?


Join me as we explore this common challenge and discover strategies to build better communication.

Key Takeaways:

  • Teens want to feel heard, validated, and empathised with. Avoid offering unsolicited advice, as it can disconnect you from your teen. Instead, acknowledge their struggles, give them space, and ask for permission before sharing your advice.
  • Chores and responsibilities can strain the parent-teen relationship. Balance out your interactions by acknowledging and appreciating their efforts. Show that you notice their good qualities and hard work, not just their shortcomings.
  • Understand that teens’ brains process information differently. They prioritise novel and external stimuli, so it’s not about ignoring you intentionally. 


In today’s episode, I’ve shared some insights into why your teen might not be listening and provided strategies to improve communication. Stay tuned for more tips on navigating the complexities of parenting teens in upcoming episodes. Remember, fostering understanding and empathy is key to building stronger relationships with your teens.




    They want to feel heard, validated and empathised with.

    Marie Vakakis


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