Why wont my teen talk to me after school?

 Understanding the Situation:

  • School can be a whirlwind of activity, especially for teenagers. Multiple classes, changing environments, social dynamics—it’s a lot to handle.
  • The transition from school to home can be challenging. Teens may need time to decompress and de-stress.
  • When parents bombard them with questions immediately, it can feel overwhelming and irritating.


💡 Tips for Better Communication:

  • Give Space: Instead of asking a barrage of questions, greet your teen with a simple “Hey, nice to see you.” Let them know it’s okay to take time for themselves. Connect later when they’re more relaxed.
  • Find Common Ground: If your teen isn’t enthusiastic about school, shift the conversation to their interests or hobbies. Ask about friends, sports, or any other topics they’re passionate about.
  • Respect Their Routines: Understand that after-school activities, like tutoring or sports, may further drain their energy. Let them decompress on their terms.




Peoples’ capacity to engage in conversation after a busy day is very different. Some people love it, and some people really don’t.

Marie Vakakis


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